Systems & Processes Evaluation

An organizational assessment is a systematic process for obtaining valid information about the performance of an organization and the factors that affect performance

Productivity Enhancement

Productivity is the combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts.   Productivity can be continuously improved, but proactive steps must be taken.

Organizational Restructuring

Successful restructuring and reorganization of an organization requires good preparation in advance, good planning which will address all the programmatic needs, support services which are needed to advance those organizational goals, good planning of the workforce and brilliant communication skills. Organization leaders find it highly important to change how these units operate for a few reasons like changing priorities of units, enhancing effectiveness of organizations, addressing the budget reductions, initiating new programs etc. In this post we are going to discuss some of the reasons, strategies and benefits of organizational restructuring. 

Exit Strategy

To some, an exit strategy sounds negative. Actually, the best reason for an exit strategy is to plan how to optimize a good situation, rather than get out of a bad one

Change Management

Implementing a successful change management initiative isn't a one-time thing. Creating lasting change requires companies to evolve, and those that evolve successfully can achieve stronger financial performance.

Management Buyouts

Synapses specializes in coaching managers on how to complete successful Management Buyouts. We spend a great deal of time helping you understand the process of buying your company and the risks, as well as the rewards, which you may face.

Opportunity / Risk Analysis

The reality is that risk and opportunity are two sides of the same coin—and both require attention by those who want to survive and thrive in the current business climate. By knowing how to recognize, manage and innovate around risk, a world of opportunity is available to companies. 

Business Needs Assessment

Every business has its strengths and weaknesses. Once you complete a Business Needs Assessment, you'll be able to identify areas for growth and improvement, develop an action plan, and find resources to help you take your business to the next level. 

Post-Acquisition Integration

The integration of an acquired business should be explicitly tailored to support the objectives and sources of value that warranted the deal in the first place. It sounds intuitive, but we frequently encounter companies that, in their haste, turn to off-the-shelf plans and generic best practices that tend to overemphasize process and ignore the unique aspects of the deal

Strategic Business Plan

While it is often the case that owners and managers know where they are going, strategic planning is a meaningful developmental tool for communicating goals and strategies to other members of the team.  It ensures all staff are on the same page and ‘buy in’ to the plans for success.

Board of Directors/Advisors

Having an advisory board position and receiving compensation for the position (or being committed in some other way) help to ensure that a request for assistance will be taken seriously and that thoughtful advice will be provided.


Synapses helps business improve their operational and financial performance, evaluate and implement strategic changes, manage growth or sales declines, identify key drivers for profitability, and manage communications with creditors and lenders.

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